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Emotional Wellness

(Youth Program)



In the past decade, swift economic and cultural shifts
have widened the divide between youthful aspirations
and existing systems.


Most youngsters today grapple with inadequate support and guidance, amplifying emotional and physical issues, often culminating in severe consequences like clinical depression and suicidal thoughts.

We our undertaking an endeavour in our community, in Auroville and Bio region to help bridge this gap.


The Challenge

The absence of accessible, professional support
(or any support beyond one's family), has broad implications.

The villages have a primarily young population, growing up in close knit village community settings. In such cases, personal and professional challenges, too often meld into one another, making it more challenging to look for support outside their circle.  


This dearth of guidance on where to turn for assistance hinders growth of not just the individual but also ultimately the future of communities at large. 

Youth Wellbeing Program


Our vision is to create an ecosystem of support for the
youth of our community, that comprises experts in
coaching, mentoring, therapy, career counselling,
funding organisations and sponsors, that the youth can
reach out to in times of challenges.

The right space, opportunities, tools and connections will aid
the youth to develop self awareness,
expression and self belief, so they may live with more
courage and integrity and compassion.

What do we want to do? 


Engage the youth in workshops catering to cultivating self awareness, self belief and self expression. 


Providing career guidance for the youth, using self assessment, goal setting and planning 


Using theatre as a medium for exploring creative self-expressive and adaptive. 


Collaborating with mental health professionals, who can hold space for the youth and offer guidance in times of turmoil.

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Your Support Matters!

The success our Youth Emotional Wellness Program will be made possible by the generosity of donors like you. Your support can help us create a more robust, meaningful ecosystem that can bring lasting change in the lives of our youth, and our collective future!

Donate Today and Be a Changemaker!

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