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For over 50 years, the Auroville ecosystem has been a fertile ground for experiential learning. The experimental future city now boasts of over 180 units, many of them working as social enterprises, working in fields like sustainable mobility, conservation, regenerative agriculture, plastic recycling and many more.


Auroville’s extensive portfolio of projects and units makes it a great microcosm of the sustainable future we want to create. 

What is Impact?

'Impact' is the measure of progress of an entity's initiatives and activities from an Eco-Social value generation perspective. It is the functional unit of eco-social change.
Imagine running your business without using currency. How would you ‘value’ the goods and services you provide? How would you pay your employees for their work? Also, how would you even know if you are economically viable or even turning a profit? Sounds difficult, right?

At Yuvabe, we are working to understand and measure the ‘value’ or ‘cost’ created by your activities such as CSR or Green Business Initiatives on the Environment and Society. We call this measuring 'Impact', the functional unit of social and environmental change. 


Our Methodology

Impact Pathways Creation.png

Impact Pathway Creation

Identify interventions, Theory of Change and Outcomes

Data Input.png

Data Input

Collect, clean and add data for analytics

Impact Analysis.png


Calculate value generated and your Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Impact Advocacy.png


We help showcase your results to the world and help spread the word!

In today's world, impact is largely measured in terms of Inputs (Eg. CSR Funding/Total Spend, Types of activities/services enabled) and
Outputs (Eg. No. of beneficiaries reached, No. of activities conducted – health camps, school infrastructure etc.).

Our impact view goes beyond simply describing an entity's activities and tries to capture the real-world economic outcomes.

Taking into consideration your impact also helps to:
  • Create Systemic Change
  • Drive Stakeholder Value 
  • Enable Robust Strategy

Circular Economy




Water Management

Land restoration

Land Restoration_Project flow-01.png

Our Impact Pathways

Find out how our team can help you achieve your goals.
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