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Founding Partners

Yuvabe and Quilt.AI's unique partnership model shows how a rural organisation can engage in impactful work with global relevance. 

Quilt.AI is a Singapore and Boston based AI-powered insights company, that aims to provide a more holistic, nuanced view of humanity using Internet data.


By merging machine learning with human, cultural intelligence, Quilt.AI's team of anthropologists, engineers and designers develop dynamic models and maps from the billions of data points generated from digital behavior; with this they are able to build a quantitatively validated understanding of the consumers, categories, and culture.

As a socially driven technology company, Quilt.AI supports nonprofits and foundations, spending 50% of their time as an organization to causes they care about; like gender equity, gender based violence, climate and public health).


Aligned sensibilities and a mutual drive to support communities led Yuvabe co-founders and Quilt.AI co-founder, Anurag Banerjee to try out a partnership model with the newly founded Quilt.AI, in 2019. 

As Quilt.AI's Singapore team expanded steadily, more and more youth from Auroville and Bioregion were onboarded in Yuvabe to slowly learn the ropes of market research, data analysis, communication, and support their global team. 

As our primary partner and sponsor, Anurag Banerjee and his team have supported Yuvabe youth's multi-faceted growth and our mission of holistic empowerment. Their faith and support of our many initiatives, from STEAM Education to youth workshops has served as the cornerstone of our progress!

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Today Yuvabe's market research and programming team has evolved into an integral part of Quilt.AI's global team, working on projects across the globe.  

Today,  many Yuvabe alumni have gone on to take up new roles in leading organisations in India and abroad!



Yuvabe youth engaged by Quilt.AI



Projects completed

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Hear from our Quilt.AI market research team about their learnings, challenges and experience being part of a global organisation

Together we worked with

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