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A peek into Integral Yoga with Manoj Pavithran

Running an organisation in a place like Auroville, not only gives us an opportunity but also a gentle reminder to strive for alignment in all aspects of our lives. Auroville’s vision and charter encourages us to work and live in harmony with our minds, bodies, and hearts. This alignment has the power to create balance and bring about a deeper sense of satisfaction and well-being.

Illustration depicting Center of Consciousness according to Tantric Tradition.

Recently, we invited Manoj Pavithran to speak to our team about his journey as a practitioner of  Integral yoga and get his views about what it means to practise it. Manoj Pavithran has called Auroville home since 1995. In his years here, he has dedicated his energy to delving into the world of integral psychology and exploring ideas around the progressive journey of human consciousness.

Furthermore, he has also founded the Purnam Centre of Integrality which offers transformative educational courses, empowering individuals to embark on their own paths of self-discovery.

As we gathered for Manoj's talk, he guided us first to observe our immediate environment and to root ourselves in the present moment. This simple exercise of mindfulness was accompanied by slow breathing to further anchor us in the 'now'.

Manoj Pavithran having a discussion with members of Yuvabe.

Once we were grounded, the discussions ventured into various areas of life and spiritual practices. We considered how our true aspirations are not necessarily the ones moulded by societal norms, but are often those emanating from a deeper, inner consciousness. We also discussed how the burdens we bear and the baggage we carry, are not only the tangible ones from our current life but can also be invisible ones that our bodies might carry within them.

Illustation depicting different practices of Yoga—Karma, Bhakti, Raja , Japa, Jnana and Hajtha Yoga.

As our discussions unfolded, it became evident that several team members were eager to delve deeper into these topics. Members of our team expressed a keen interest in comprehending the intricacies of these practices. Spiritual practices are highly individualistic and cannot be rigidly dictated by any dogma. It was interesting to note the different views and ideas of our team members and it shed light on how each individual's journey is distinct, and it is only through personal exploration and introspection that we can uncover our own truths and forge a genuine connection with our own spiritual selves.

Manoj Pavithran having a discussion with members of Yuvabe.

Manoj’s session triggered and renewed an interest in some of us to contemplate the deeper layers of consciousness. His discourse with its unique blend of introspection and learning was an interesting stepping-stone in our collective journey towards exploring the principles of integral yoga and the evolutionary dynamics of consciousness.

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