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Enabling a social enterprise in Auroville with Anurag Banerjee of Quilt.AI

In today’s connected world, if data is power then knowing how and where to use that data can be considered a superpower. Quilt.AI is a Singapore based technology company that harnesses that very superpower, by building products and services that look at data across the digital universe, and understand and enable positive cultural shifts in society. By researching the internet as a large, dynamic reflection of human behavior, Quilt.AI works to understand people and behavior at a scale that was never before done or was possible. 

Anurag Banerjee of, with the Yuvabe team, in Auroville

As a cause driven company, Quilt.AI dedicates a considerable amount of its energy in engaging and supporting various causes and foundations for impact driven initiatives. These core values drove Anurag and Angad, the founders of Quilt, to support and catalyse this unique partnership model with Yuvabe; a model that supports youth empowerment and provides the youth with higher order skills.

When Yuvabe’s market research and analytics team was set up just over two years ago, Quilt helped our youth to get trained in the latest technology and market research tools and methodologies. Today our young team at Yuvabe has become an integral part of their global research arm. Anurag Banerjee, cofounder of Quilt.AI, is an entrepreneur with experience working across geographies and sectors, from Wall Street to social organisations, and he is optimistic that the internet technologies which are still in their infancy, can be used to drive big, meaningful changes in human society. 

Yuvabe's STEAM teachers discussing their volunteer work within the Auroville schools.

After over two years since the start of this partnership, Anurag was finally able to visit Auroville and discuss the future direction of Quilt.AI, and the expectations from the young team at Yuvabe, in areas of work, skilling and community service. The company was Yuvabe’s first partner, supporter and sponsor, and our team members discussed with Anurag about their professional growth and how each of the global projects that was undertaken enabled the team to improve their skills in Artificial Intelligence, qualitative research methods and design thinking. 

Anurag Banerjee looking at a project done by one of the STEAM students at Deepanam School, Auroville

Anurag was especially keen on learning about our work with the schools within Auroville and the bioregion. At Yuvabe, we give a few hours of time daily to teach in the community schools and engage in community projects. The aim is to support the education and empowerment of the newer generation of youth, along with our own. From research support in natural language acquisition (at Isai Ambalam School), to facilitating hands on engineering and electronics projects (at Deepanam School), our approach and methods of teaching have been effective in developing an interest in STEM education as well as enhancing proficiency in English and encouraging bilingualism amongst the children in the bio-region. Anurag is more than enthusiastic about our team’s involvement in this work and reaffirmed his support on these areas.

Quilt.AI’s mission is to use its platform and tools to aid more philanthropic and sustainable development projects, and to create a strong positive impact in the world.  They have worked in areas of mental health, child protection, gender equality, and developed tools to aid climate action efforts. This sensibility fits in well with Auroville’s own work in designing and promoting environmentally sustainable solutions for food production, architecture, energy production, transportation and imparting education of the same.

Auroville’s beautiful natural surroundings, Yuvabe youth’s aptitude, and our collective mission also convinced Quilt.AI’s founder to continue building a long term partnership. He was impressed with  our team’s ability to take up big global projects. Our market research team also feels confident and keen on driving more qualitative research work with Quilt.AI across corporate and cause driven projects.

For Anurag, backing an organization based in Auroville is a great way to support a community that is sustainable and that holds Human Unity as one of its core ideals. Quilt.AI is committed to and aligned with Yuvabe’s vision and Anurag hopes that in the coming years,  Quilt.AI can support Yuvabe in giving meaningful, sustainable work to capable and deserving youth from the bio-region.

Quilt.AI and Yuvabe partnership is a model that shows how a rural, purpose-driven organisation can engage in impactful work that has global relevance.

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