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Harmonising Mind and Body

Reflections on the two day Coherence Workshop that was organised and led by therapist, Dr. Aditya Varma, for the Yuvabe team. 

In late February, we welcomed Dr. Aditya Varma for another illuminating workshop on Mind-Body. The interactive two-day workshop, replete with questions, answers, games, and a lot of dancing, was centered around the concept of cultivating coherence within our physical and mental selves.

Embarking on the Journey

The workshop began with a grounding or anchoring session. With closed eyes and deep breaths, we immersed ourselves in the present moment, setting the stage for a day of exploration and growth. This simple practice of turning our attention inward, gradually observing our physical body bit by bit, has now become a natural part of our daily routine.

Yuvabe team, Auroville at Bharat Nivas attending workshop on Emotional Coherence

Yuvabe team during Emotional Coherence workshop, led by Dr. Aditya Varma

Taking a trip to Thailand! 

One of the first activities we undertook as part of the workshop was to take a trip to Thailand! Only imaginary, unfortunately. Dr. Aditya divided us into groups and asked us to embark on this trip, with a world-class car at our disposal, and our own free will to decide the route. As each group began to relate their preferred way of reaching the destination, we were reminded again and again how everyone’s path, preferences, and choices are different in life, even though the destination will be the same. In the end, there is no one perfect or right way to reach the destination. 

Drawing our life

On day two of the workshop, the team was asked to draw our lives, our past, present, or an aspirational future. Some of the artworks took the form of a winding path, symbolising life's ups and downs and the ongoing journey of self-discovery. 

Yuvabe team dancing to the tunes during Emotional Coherence workshop, led by Dr. Aditya Varma

Exploring Harmony Through Sound and Movement 

Amid engaging sessions, we embraced physical activities like dance, moving our bodies to fun, active, even silly music, which served as the perfect reminder that even deep self work is incomplete without making space for lightness and laughter! 

Humour found its way even during our meditative practices. One memorable moment involved a fellow participant who, after a soothing meditation, succumbed to slumber for a solid hour! Staying awake during deep relaxation is clearly a universal struggle! 

One on one sessions

The most memorable aspect of the workshop was undoubtedly the one-on-one sessions with Dr. Aditya. In the privacy of his office, many of us found a safe space to share our doubts, fears, hopes, and dreams. Dr. Aditya's compassionate presence and profound wisdom left us feeling seen, heard, and understood on a profound level.

Reflections and Conclusions

As the workshop drew to a close, we reflected on the journey we had undertaken, realising that the journey itself is the destination. While we may not have found definitive answers, we discovered something far more profound: the key to unlocking life's mysteries lies within each of us. 

The Coherence Workshop was a catalyst for personal growth. As we integrate its lessons into our lives, we are reminded of the beautiful interplay between our minds and bodies, empowering us to face the world with clarity, purpose, and well-being.

Emotional Coherence workshop at Auroville, for team Auroville

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to embark on this journey and for the companionship of fellow seekers along the way. As we integrate these lessons into our lives, may we remember that the path to coherence is as unique as each individual, yet united in our collective pursuit of truth, love, and inner peace. 

Special thanks to Yuvabe mentors for creating an environment that fosters growth and connection, enriching our Yuvabe family.

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