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Shaping lives and the future of the world

Think back to your school days. Can you recall any teachers who left a lasting impression on you? Chances are, you can. Perhaps there's one who ignited a spark of inspiration within you, another who provided encouragement precisely when you needed it, or even the one whose eccentricity made them unforgettable. On the flip side, you might also remember the teacher whose critical voice still echoes in your mind, occasionally haunting you with self-doubt. For better or worse, teachers have a remarkable ability to leave indelible impressions on our minds.

Anupama of Yuvabe, facilitating one of the STEAM classes at Auroville's Deepanam School

Our foundational years are profoundly shaped by the educators who guide us. Think about it - what we learn, how we learn, our attitude towards mistakes, and our ability to glean wisdom from those mistakes are all influenced by teachers. We spend a significant portion of our formative years within the walls of schools, and during that time, teachers exert an enormous impact. After parents or guardians, they shoulder the greatest responsibility for molding a child's life and, by extension, the trajectory of our world's future.

In India, we celebrate Teacher's Day on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a distinguished philosopher, and leader. He championed the significance of teachers and encouraged the youth of our nation to harness the power of education to shape our country's destiny. As one of the preeminent scholars of the 20th century, Radhakrishnan believed that our educators should be the best minds in our country.

Sunil, market researcher at Yuvabe, taking Math classes at his alma mater Udavi School, an outreach school of Auroville

As a team, we acknowledge the weighty responsibility we have assumed by choosing to facilitate classes in Auroville and outreach schools. Being a teacher means embracing the role of a perpetual student, aligning perfectly with Auroville's vision of being a place of continuous learning. Each new academic year brings fresh students, diverse perspectives, and renewed enthusiasm to the classroom, along with novel challenges for everyone on our team who volunteers as teachers. As our team member Bhuvana Pachaiyappan wrote, quality education is a capital that we would want our future generations to acquire.

Bhuvana, market researcher at Yuvabe, teaches English to 6th standard students of Isai Amabalam School, one of Auroville's outreach schools.

Teachers, however, are not confined solely to schools or educational institutions. We often encounter mentors and gurus throughout our lives, sometimes in unexpected places and at unexpected times. In Indian culture, we hold the title of teacher in high regard. Even since ancient times, we have been observing Guru Purnima, as the day to give thanks to the light and wisdom a guru brings to our lives.

At Yuvabe, our commitment is to continue contributing our bit to the mental and spiritual empowerment of the youth, young adults and children of our country. We firmly believe that education is a powerful catalyst for personal and societal transformation. By nurturing the potential of our youth, we are not only shaping individuals but also the future of our nation.

Let us celebrate today the educators who have made a difference in our lives and continue to support the education of the next generation, for they hold the key to a brighter tomorrow!

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