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Maximising Efficiency: Why ERPNext is Essential for Modern Businesses

Our Business Solutions architect Balamurugan writes about why he finds ERPNext a great option for building customisable digital solutions for SMEs 

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the right tools can make all the difference. As an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions architect at Yuvabe, entrusted with enhancing our clients' digital ecosystems, I am continually exploring innovative ways to streamline operations and drive efficiency. Enter ERPNext – a game-changer in the realm of enterprise resource planning software.

For the uninitiated, ERPNext is a versatile platform that not only collects and analyses data but also transforms it into actionable insights, paving the way for operational excellence. With the global ERP software market projected to soar to $71.63 billion by 2025 (according to Allied Market Research), it's clear that businesses worldwide are recognizing the transformative potential of ERP solutions.

Screenshot of ERPNext Accounts Dashboard
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At Yuvabe, we've found our silver bullet in ERPNext, an open-source cloud software that empowers us to tailor bespoke solutions for our community’s needs and diverse clientele. Here's why ERPNext can be a lifesaver and stands out as the ultimate tool to optimise your business operations, especially if you're an SME looking to thrive in today's competitive landscape:

1. Integrated system synergy

ERPNext seamlessly integrates various business functions into one system, called a Module. These functions can include accounting, inventory, HR, CRM, and much more. This helps provide a holistic view of all company operations. The software also helps eliminate the need for manual data entry and duplication, thus saving time and reducing errors. 

Image showing various ERPNext modules like Manufacturing,Reports,CRM,Asset Management etc.

Yuvabe’s business solutions team worked with two clients in the Auroville Bioregion community, building end-to-end business processes. Our implemented ERP system integrated sales processes from order to invoice to delivery note, replacing manual paper-based calculations with automated workflows. We were informed that this resulted in a 30% increase in the efficiency of the client’s team.

The main languages used to build these applications were JavaScript (for Front-end customization), Python (certain front end scripts can be written in the back-end to reduce the weightage in the front end) and HTML/Jinja Template (to create unique and customised print formats to make their accounting easier)

2. Customisable solutions for bespoke needs

ERPNext is highly customizable to fit each company's unique needs. Modules can be added or removed easily. Fields and workflows can be configured as required. These customizations might give your business key performance indicators(KPI) and essential metrics. For example, a retailer can customise inventory fields, while a manufacturer can customise production workflows.

Yuvabe ERP team at Auroville’s Hers supermarket
Yuvabe ERP team at Auroville’s Hers supermarket

Our team has been working with some of Auroville’s stores and supermarkets, and have designed a custom ERP module called EZ-Supermarket, that is also integrated with Auroville’s Financial Service. 

The EZ-SuperMarket comprises of various functionalities like:

  • Purchase Master

  • Client Request

  • Stall Refill Request

  • Item Location

  • Expense Entry

  • Customised POS for billing with Financial Service Integration

These custom applications can be used in our other upcoming projects as well! The main languages used to build the application were JavaScript, Python, API, HTML, Vue 3 and TypeScript.

3. Accessible Information & Intuitive interface

With ERPNext, critical information is available in real time through dashboards and reports. Insights into sales, expenses, inventory, and more help drive better decision-making. According to Nucleus Research, 57% of companies surveyed increased operational efficiency after ERP implementation. The system also retains historical data for trend analysis.

Yuvabe ERP team at Auroville’s Hers supermarket

ERPNext is known for its clean and intuitive interface, making it user-friendly and easy to learn and adapt for your team. 

4. Seamless Collaboration and Integration

Different departments of an organisation can easily collaborate through ERPNext. For example, sales staff can check inventory levels when creating orders. Accounting can track billing against orders. This synchronisation leads to greater productivity. Panorama Consulting found that 88% of companies achieve ROI from increased employee productivity. 

ERPNext also offers integration with various third-party applications, enabling seamless data exchange and streamlined operations.

Yuvabe ERP team at work.

For one of our projects at Yuvabe, we worked with a local organisation with two different arms to their business, one for-profit and other not-for-profit. Our team was able to design a custom application where operations of both aspects of the business could be tracked, with all their separate inventory, sales, expenses et cetera on a single platform.

5. Increased Mobility & Security

ERPNext enables access from anywhere through web and mobile apps. This is a great advantage in today’s era of remote work! ERPNext’s apps allow managers to stay connected and check critical reports, approve orders, manage inventory, and more on the go! 

Moreover, robust security features, including user permissions, data encryption, controlled access, fortify data integrity and shield against potential breaches. Activity logs provide transparency and regular backups ensure continuity. 

Our project with Auroville Bakery benefitted from the security features of ERPNext, where we were able to restrict the billing permissions to the single user at a time, making sure that no double entries or inaccuracies take place during billing. 

6. Cost Effectiveness: 

As an organisation working out of Auroville, cost-effectiveness is the biggest need for all our clients in the community. Being an open-source solution, ERPNext is without a doubt the best option, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Illustration showing business operations.


It has been close to two years that I have been both, a user and implementation manager of ERPNext. Its ease of use, and cost-effectiveness make it ideal for growing enterprises. 

ERPNext ticks all the boxes for an ideal business management solution with benefits like automation, accessibility, collaboration, and security. This All-in-One software gives companies the edge needed to succeed today. 

Yuvabe ERP team at work.

I've found it to be a highly customizable and adaptable ERP system. Beyond the built-in functionality, we've leveraged ERPNext's flexibility to build custom apps and integrations. This has allowed us to address unique business requirements and streamline specific tasks. The adaptability of the system has been crucial in keeping up with our evolving needs.

Yuvabe ERP team at Auroville’s Hers supermarket

If you are a business owner and would like to take the next step with ERPNext or need guidance in overcoming challenges, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team at

Your success story awaits!


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