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Paying forward the gift of education

Hello, my name is Bhuvana and I grew up in Edayanchavadi, one of the villages surrounding Auroville’s bioregion. I like to think of myself as a lifelong student and have always enjoyed learning new things. After completing my schooling at Udavi, one of Auroville’s outreach schools, I went on to do a Masters in English, followed by a research based Masters in Education from TISS, Hyderabad. In the two years since I have been a part of Yuvabe, I can say that my interests in teaching and education as well as in acquiring new skills are being quite fulfilled.

Bhuvana works for, as part of Yuvabe market research team.

At the time of joining, I was not sure if my educational background would fit in with the work that I do now, but I wanted to be a part of the team because of its work and service motto. It is because of this philosophy that I have gotten the opportunity to volunteer as a teacher in one of Auroville’s outreach schools, alongside working as a market researcher.

Professionally, I have acquired skills and tools in market research and analysis that I did not even know existed before. Today, I feel confident and motivated to keep enhancing my skill set and work in local as well as global settings. My work as a market researcher has also helped me learn much about the world, people and cultures and it is something that I quite enjoy!

Bhuvana at Yuvabe, Auroville

For me, education is not just a vital aspect of my life but also a capital that I would like to pass on to the future generations. Since my parents were illiterate, they could not guide me or support me academically at home. Fortunately, I got sponsorship from others who taught me and facilitated my pursuit of higher education. I would like to pay this gift forward and support the kids and youth who grow up with the same hardships as I did.

Bhuvana working as an English teacher at part of her volunteer work, at Isai Ambalam School

I hope to be a change maker in my society and an inspiring figure for the children and youth.


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