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Yuvabe is going places!

In September this year, our market research team got an exciting opportunity. Our key partner and sponsor,, that helped train and establish the team, and supported us in taking the first steps towards building Yuvabe, invited us for an offsite at their HQ in Singapore.  After two years of working with our international colleagues virtually, it was finally time to meet them all in person! For many of us, this was our first time on a flight, and for everyone this was our first international trip! This was truly a milestone, for us as a team, and as individuals.

A total of 13 people from Yuvabe, who are engaged in Quilt’s projects, flew to Singapore and spent three days on the offsite, meeting, eating, working, and site seeing with the international team. The days were filled with team building and product-building activities, visits to art galleries, trying out new cuisine, and expanding work opportunities. We had a great time during the brainstorming session, where we worked with our international colleagues, discussing product ideas and improvements to enhance the applications we use in our daily work. 

Sunil and Vimal of Yuvabe at one of the brainstorming sprints at the Quilt offsite

Singapore’s tall, fancy buildings, the smooth traffic, systematic public transport, and the fast pace of life was a stark contrast for our team that grew up in the lush forests of Auroville, following a lifestyle that is much more relaxed and more in touch with our natural environment. While we were impressed with many things, it definitely also helped us acknowledge and appreciate our own hometown a little more! Making this first international trip also inspired us to work towards being in a position in life where we’d be able to live simply by choice, not forced by circumstances. 

Overall, it was a thrilling experience, and hopefully the first of many more such opportunities to come!

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