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We are a connected ecosystem enabling youth empowerment, personal transformation and social impact

Hear from our Team!

Our Values


Enabling youth to develop the courage to question the status quo


Building an attitude of care towards the self and the community


Providing a creative environment that engenders growth mindset

Illustration of youth working together on a giant head, representing teamwork and brainstorming.

Our Youth Development Model

Our unique Work. Serve. Evolve model is aimed at unleashing the potential of India's youth through mentorship-based learning.


We take an active, multi-dimensional mentoring approach towards enabling and supporting the youth’s journey as they develop competencies in their professional domains, build inner capabilities and serve the community.


EVOLVE (Personal Growth)

The youth build communication and situational leadership skills along with developing

resilience and self-regulation.

SERVE (Service to community) 

By engaging in the community schools and organisations, the youth are encouraged in developing a service mindset.

WORK (Skilling)

The youth identify interest and begin their learning in design, business, tech or marketing, eventually developing into strong contributors in their area of work.

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