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Third annual STEAM Fest at Deepanam School

May 2024

This year, we’ve harnessed the potent power of storytelling to enhance the STEAM program! Plus, Bangalore-based STEM organization Playto has been training the full-time STEAM staff in robotics education.

English classes taking place at Yuvabe.

March 2024

Introducing Yuvabe Bridge Program! A program to help skill and nurture youth (18-24 yrs), who are in the process of completing their education and looking for employment opportunities

Deepanam school kids during STEAM Camp 2023

January 2024

Yuvabe turns 3!
A small team that began the journey 3 years ago today is a family of 50+ young adults and mentors.
We extend our gratitude to all those who have been part of this journey –

December 2023

It's truly heartening to witness the convergence of friendships forged in school, college, and beyond, uniting for a common cause — to support this meaningful project.
Your generous gift helps the children across the Auroville Bio-region get access to STEAM education.

Yuvabe team at their morning meditation in their office in SaraCon Campus

September 2023

Yuvabe co-founder Sriman Kota met with the team of AVI-USA as well as other friends of Auroville on a recent trip to Boston! It was an excellent occasion to present our ongoing STEAM program and explore fundraising strategies to expand its reach to a broader audience of children in the area!

Yuvabe team spent an early morning volunteering at Sadhana Forest, Auroville, on World Forest Day!

July 2023

Working in close proximity with nature is one of the biggest gifts of living in Auroville. Our team enjoys the privilege of collaborating with organic food and afforestation projects, as well as relish team outings amidst the enchanting landscapes of the East Coast.

Yuvabe team with disaster relief and rehabilitation consultant, Dave Storey

May 2023

For over 50 years , the Auroville ecosystem has been a fertile ground for experiential learning. At Yuvabe too, our continued effort is to work with this spirit of unending education, and learn and evolve as an organization, as individuals, and as a community.

Yuvabe team in Singapore

March 2023

It was two years ago, when we started our journey with Quilt.AI. After successfully working virtually with their counterparts in the Singapore office for 2 years, our team got an opportunity to realize their dream - an international trip to Singapore!

Yuvabe team performing street play with Maatram, Auroville

January 2023

At Yuvabe, we always strive to create a space for holistic development of the youth. With this intention, we have an active, ongoing collaboration with Maatram, the primary mental health unit of Auroville. Most recently, our association with Maatram led us to create a street play.

Yuvabe team, 2021 at SaraCon Campus

November 2022

The past few years have been a humbling adventure as we shifted from our mainstream corporate lives to live in Auroville, and found ways that come more from our heart space, to engage in this community.

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