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We aim to be a space where youth are supported to rise to their potential, not just in their professional, but also in their personal endeavors.

Expert Talks
Yuvabe team visits Pitchandikulam Forest

Auroville is a thriving laboratory of social and environmental initiatives. We invite experts based in Auroville, who have come from all over the world, from different walks of life, working in different domains, to come share their experiences with our youth.

Yuvabe team brainstorming for the street play on mental health

By engaging in practical workshops, our team is able to discover and grow not just as professionals but as people. These workshops are an important aspect of our work towards our core mission; of holistic development of our youth.

Integral Health
Yuvabe team on a cycling trip

By taking different approaches, we aspire to keep our youth focused on health. From weekly cycling trips to yoga classes, as well as collaborating with the community’s primary mental health center to make sure that we always take time and effort to listen to our bodies and minds.

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